The YSR Club

The YSR Club


From the legendary football team of 1899 to the teams of today competing in national intercollegiate tournaments, Sewanee has a long tradition of excellence in varsity athletics. Now there’s a new way for Tiger fans to show their support.

The University of the South is happy to introduce the YSR Club, an annual membership organization that will support your favorite athletic program and enhances athletics overall at Sewanee.

Sewanee coaches develop teams that are exciting to watch and are deeply connected to the best traditions of student-athletics. Our team members attend college on their academic merits alone and play sports for the love of the game. Sewanee athletes pursue the sports they enjoy while developing skills of leadership and discipline.

As we field teams of student-athletes, you are an important part of our lineup. We now invite you to make an annual contribution to support Sewanee's teams. You may make a contribution to benefit the entire athletic program or one that will support an individual team.

On behalf of the students whose college experience will be greatly enriched by your support, thank you for considering a gift.

Yea, Sewanee's Right!

Mark Webb
Athletic Director