Sewanee Men's Soccer's Preseason Trip to Costa Rica

Sewanee Men's Soccer's Preseason Trip to Costa Rica

Story by William Merriman

SEWANEE, Tenn. - During preseason this past August, the Sewanee men's soccer team traveled to Costa Rica. 

"The trip to Costa Rica was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the team," said head coach Tony Pacella. "The ability to bond, practice and volunteer in a foreign country is something that no one will forget. I would like to thank everyone who supported us in our fundraising over the last year and made this trip possible."

Below is an excerpt from the trip, as told by senior goalkeeper William Merriman. Click on the link above to read the full story. Click on the video below to watch highlights of the trip.

Humility, accountability, discipline, responsibility, hunger for success, gratitude, intensity, and brotherhood are the cornerstones of Sewanee Soccer. On the first day of pre-season, upperclassmen, who have awaited this day for nine grueling months; freshman, who are leaving home for the first time to begin a radically new, exciting, and marginally terrifying step in their life journey; and the coaches, who match every ounce of the players' enthusiasm and energy for the season, gather in our locker room to introduce and affirm the foundations of our program. Each player receives a pristine list of roughly thirty statements that outline our team philosophy both on and off the field. A particular favorite of mine is the assertion that, "We are Not Big Time. We will play you in a Parking Lot". While the Sewanee Soccer team certainly bolsters the discipline to play humbly and fervently in miserable conditions, this pre-season was a much different story. From parking lots to paradise, we spent our pre-season in the lovely and beautiful nation of Costa Rica. However, do not let the tropical climate, rich coffee, fresh fruit, and sunny beaches fool you. Balancing our yearning for exploration and adventure, we took on Costa Rica with the same mindset that we approach the rest of our season, with a staunch commitment to our foundations, to the program, to each other, and to ourselves. 


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