The primary purpose of the athletic program at The University of the South, a member of NCAA Division III, is to make the most positive contribution possible to the present and future physical, emotional, and social well-being of students, faculty and staff. This purpose stems not only from the belief that the mind functions better---intellectually, emotionally, and socially --- in a stronger, healthier body, but from the knowledge that in a time of high medical costs, a healthy faculty and staff contributes to the economic strength of the University at large, and so directly serves the University’s broader educational mission.

    The secondary purpose of the athletic program is to make a positive contribution to the present and future physical, emotional, and social well-being of the Sewanee Community. The unique nature of this community requires the University to have an interest in the availability of recreational facilities for those living here who are not directly associated with the University. The facilities of the athletic department are intended to contribute to the community needs when such contribution does not interfere with the primary purpose stated above.

    To that end of general well-being, the Director of Athletics and staff, under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor and Provost, shall provide clean, well-equipped, well-maintained facilities for general fitness and for specialized training to the widest possible University constituency. The Director of Athletics and staff shall provide supervision and expert teaching in every area of the program to maximize the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of its goal.

    Physical education, intramural sports, and general fitness programs (such as aerobics, weight training, lap swimming, and jogging), and recreational sports (squash, tennis) should take place under professional guidance and should aim to maximize the present and future well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

    For varsity sports programs, the Director of Athletics, under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor and Provost, is distinctly charged to secure coaches of genuine excellence who understand the role of varsity athletics at The University of the South and within the guidelines for NCAA Division III and SAA colleges and universities. Varsity sports exist to develop the athletic excellence of individuals and the spirit of teams that serve as a model to the entire community, and so to promote the end of general physical well-being. Coaches and athletes are further expected to represent the University and the ideal of civilized behavior.

    To the greatest extent practicable, the place of the varsity athlete shall be undifferentiated from the place of any other student. Athletic opportunities for the non-varsity student shall be conducted on a footing of seriousness as close as possible to that of varsity sports, and the non-varsity opportunities (in club, intramural, instructional, and general fitness programs) shall be as wide and of as high a quality as University resources permit.

     In admissions, academic advising, course selection, grading, living accommodations, and financial aid, the opportunities available for varsity athletes, actual or potential, shall be neither greater nor less than those available to any other student. Academic requirements, administered by the Deans of the College, shall be the same for all students.

    The Athletic Department and its programs shall be controlled, financed, and staffed under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor and the Provost, through the same general procedures as other departments of the College, including periodic evaluations of staff performance, and of the success of the program in meeting its goals. The Athletic Department shall neither possess nor control any funds separate from those proceeding from the University’s established budgetary procedures. A faculty-student committee, advisory to the Vice-Chancellor, shall contribute to the administration of the program.

    The Director of Athletics, under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor and Provost, is distinctly charged to ensure that men’s and women’s varsity sports and programs receive fair and equal emphasis. At the varsity level fairness requires that both men’s and women’s teams find appropriate competitive opportunities with students from similar institutions, and at every level fairness requires facilities, coaching, and teaching of similar excellence for men and for women. The level of participant interest can be a factor in determining the level of support for a given program, but failure of interest can also be a factor in determining that a program is poorly supported or poorly managed.